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What My Picture Lady can help you do

Preserve, Protect, and Share your family memories before they are lost to hurricanes, floods, or time

Tell your family stories for the generations to come and to help those still here to relive the best times of their lives,

especially our loved ones who suffer dementia

Honor a graduate or retiree 

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other milestone

Decorate a smaller living space with memories from "home"


How My Picture Lady can do this for you

Scan negatives, slides, and print photos and Save digital files

Name, Create File Structures, and Back-Up digital files

Organize  and Archive print photos and memorabilia

Convert old media to new formats for online streaming; digitizing video and creating clips

Create Family Trees and do local research for family histories

Create Family photo-sharing hubs and online searchable galleries

Design Photo Gifts, Books, Video Slide-shows 

Work with local merchants to frame new wall arrangements

and conversion to new formats for old prints, memorabilia, recipes, etc.

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